A Day in the Park – featuring V2 Set Video Rig

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Our latest video is finally done!

“A Day in the Park” featuring V2 Set – Carbon Fiber Video Rig. 

You’ll notice that we took a new approach this time around. Instead of focusing solely on the product, we decided to make a short film that utilized the product, then at the end we go over its features.

In this case, its the V2 Set DSLR Video Rig. I thought it would be useful to record a short film about a popular park here in Shenzhen, which is located a short distance from our offices. I’ve been going there for years, and the idea was to capture as much of the local culture as possible. I was hoping to get some Taichi and calligraphy in action but we didn’t come across any of that.

Nevertheless, I think it gives a good picture of what you can expect to see on any given day. And the V Set worked quite well without the need for a tripod. Have a look!

Check out some more photos of V2 Set below…

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