Amaran LED Review Roundup

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Reviews of our new Amaran LED light are starting to pour in. If you’re looking for an LED for your DSLR, have a look at these reviews first. And stay tuned for some exciting announcements coming soon!

Amaran 198A Review by Lighting Rumours

“Is the Aputure Amaran, as the manufacturer claims, the perfect LED lighting solution? Not quite. The tilt bracket could be better, and a 1/4″ screw socket or light stand mount would be welcomed. On the other hand, the lamps are very bright, adjustable, easy to use and most of all affordable. Not perfect, but pretty damn good.”

Amaran vs Others by Dave Dugdale

“…at first I was like ah, just give me a wide unit and I will control it with barn doors. But now that I have try it, it is a pretty cool idea, use the spot to highlight something in the background, or use the wide setting for an interview.”

Video Review by DioxCorp

Camera 2U Review

“We know…the name Amaran sounds like “Warning” to Malaysians and perhaps rightly so…because you’d be amazed by how this gadget can be a solution for your lighting issues. Built with high quality imported light and IC technology, this gadget can be used on your HDSLR or video camera. When it is set on full power, it can brightly light up the room.”

Stay tuned for more reviews!

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