Amaran Superior CRI 95+ Halo LED ring flash

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Aputure is pleased to release our superior Amaran Halo LED ring flash AHL-H100. It will be the first CRI 95+ ring flash in the world.


Handle lighting Mount on the hotshoe Unique ring mount bracket Fit ILDClenses Lighting before lense Precise output 8 adapter rings including 49-77mm works as off-camera flash


Amaran H100 uses brand new led color rendering technology for critical applications. 100 high color rendering index (CRI 95+) leds gather in 1 compact ring, providing double output than previous model (60 leds). Higher CRI values indicate that some ignored colors appear when illuminated by the lamp. Aputure CRI95+ ring flash is ideal solution for macro photography including nature, medical and scientific photography.


Saturation chromatogram CRI 95+  119.6%

Saturation chromatogram CRI 95+ 119.6%