Aperture Tutorial #2 – Importing

Aperture Import Screen

Another powerful feature of Aperture are it’s import capabilities.There’s more to just plug in your card/camera and download directly. You can set up the importer to perform a number of tasks for you, so that you don’t have to do them later. Here are a few of the things that I do…

1. Metadata Presets

Different images may have different uses. For example, I often import onto the same computer images for personal use, or images for company use. So I’ve got two different presets for those sets of images. You can choose from an almost endless amount of data to include, so pick at will. This is a great chance to apply keywords too.

2. Adjustments

If you’re the type who likes to batch process your images, you can apply a preset at import. Don’t worry, your original files will still be saved. But you can skip the task or processing them later on, if you know that your preset will give you the effect you desire!

3. Project Creation

This one is rather simple, but you can import directly into new projects of your creation. You can specify which folder on the left side of your library panel.

4. Renaming Files

If you’re like me, then sometimes you need or like to search for files based on date. This is really easy when the file name itself reflects the date. So I program all images to be renamed based on the date they were shot. You can give images a custom name as well, it’s up to you…

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