Apple iPad for Photography?

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In this post, we’ll examine the uses of an Apple iPad for photography. I’ll have to admit, the first impressions of the device made me think it was simply a toy; most people I see using them are just playing games. On the other hand, many photographers are putting them to creative usage. Not only your standard tasks such as downloading, viewing, and sending photos, but also using them as custom/interactive photo frames, among other things. Now, let’s take a look at some of the better reviews and commentary about the iPad floating around the net…

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit © Håkan Dahlström

Apple iPad2 – Tool or Toy? by DPReview

The most popular camera review site just released a “review” of the iPad from the perspective of photographers. From the conclusion: “Does the iPad deserve a place in your kitbag? Inevitably, the answer depends on what sort of a photographer you are, and how you like to work. If you’re travelling, and want to be able to perform quick and basic image adjustments for upload to a photo gallery or to email to a client, then you might find the iPad, and some of the thousands of applications available for it, to be an invaluable travelling companion.”

The Apple iPad – What it Means for Photographers by Luminous Landscape

Michael Reichmann muses on the applications for working professionals, and also the impact on the printing industry: “The first impression is that as a tool for photographers the iPad has great potential, but it isn’t necessarily a game changer. Where it may well be a transformative device is on the effect that it will have on the publishing industry, in particular newspapers, magazines, and books, and therefore on the photographers that create these images as part of their livelihood. Actually, it’ll also be a pretty cool device for showing ones portfolio to prospective clients and others.

Is the Apple iPad a Tool for Serious Photographers? by

This extremely in-depth and detailed article (about the 1st iPad) concludes: “The iPad is very intriguing as a tool for photographers. The touch screen, the size, the battery life, the tactile interaction with your images and so on. The potential is there, you can see it. But while it’s a nice vision of the future, it’s still just “potential”.

The iPad Will Change Photography by PhotoFocus

Taking a more optimistic standpoint is the PhotoFocus team, concluding that: “Interacting with PICTURES on the iPad is going to be very different from the way it’s done on a computer. There’s no mouse. There’s no trackpad or trackball. There’s no programming involved. There’s no learning curve. Three year old kids will start using an iPad successfully within three minutes because the iPad is about the content.”

Part 1 ~ Part 2Part 3

iPad & Camera © Yutaka Tsutano

And now, a few videos about the using the iPad for photography from Youtube…

Apple iPad Reviewed for Photographers by DigitalRev

Here’s a brief look at 20 apps for photographers on the iPad, to give you an idea of just what you can do with the device.

Ipad for Photographers? My vote is Yes!! by

Nathan takes a look at the iPad in his first video blog, and comes out with a definitive answer.

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