April Photo of the Month – Cigarette Butts

The Aputure Team never fails to surprise me with their choices – and this month is no different.

I was pretty sure that the 4th image would win with its impressive strobist techniques, but little did I know. In fact, I wasn’t even sure whether to include the winning image in the finals, but something told me to keep it in. After all, appeals to my style of shooting (shallow depth of field).

Anyways, the winner took an ordinary/ugly subject and made it look good, so props to him for doing so, and for winning the contest. He’ll get a new set of Trigmaster IIs.

1st Place

Beautiful/Disgusting © Joe Bergquist

2nd Place

Curvature © Wilson Hurst

 3rd Place

Untitled © Nikki Mensent

Honorable Mention

Milk Twin Flash © Joe Dyer

 Honorable Mention

Earthy and Sky © zPrime

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