Aputure Battery Grips + Review

We are well-known for our flagship flash triggers and LCD remotes. But unbeknownst to many, we also stock a variety of other photographic accessories, including some of the best 3rd party battery grips around. Recently, Australian fashion photographer Tristan Jud reviewed our latest battery grip for the Canon 60D. Here’s what he had to say:

“The Aputure BP-E9 Battery Grip has become a permanent fixture on my camera body. I can shoot with out it but I’m so happy with the performance and quality that I can’t see any reason why I would take it off. If your looking for a battery grip that doesn’t come with the larger price tags of the Canon and Nikon grips then check out the range of Aputure Grips, at least you know you can get in contact with the company unlike many of these third party devices you buy of ebay. Check it out!”

To see more of his thoughts, see the full review here.

Aputure Battery Grip Features

  • Shoot vertically in portrait mode
  • Double your camera battery life
  • Use lithium or AA batteries
  • Tripod-mountable
  • Same features as integrated grips
  • Comfortable shooting experience with large lenses
  • Cheaper than OEM brand grips

Check out the chart below to see if we have a version for your camera.

Model Compatibility
BP-E2 Canon EOS 20D,30D,40D,50D
BP-E5 Canon EOS 450D,500D,1000D
BP-E6 Canon EOS 5D Mark II
BP-E7 Canon EOS 7D
BP-E8 Canon EOS 550D
BP-D10 Nikon D300,D300S,D700
BP-D80 Nikon D80,D90
BP-E9 Canon EOS 60D
BP-D11 Nikon D7000
BP-D3100 Nikon D3100
BP-D5000 Nikon D3000,D5000


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