Aputure First V-Screen – Digital Video Monitor announced

Aputure is pleased to announce V-Screen – our first DSLR video monitor. It’s the perfect new addition to  our Vivo Movie Solution product line.


V-screen-Your  DSLR video game solution

V-Screen features a crystal clear 7″ WVGA LCD screen in an ultra-thin and light casing. It can be powered by both lithium batteries or AC power, or both at once with the latter charging the former. There are six languages for your convenience.  There is a strong swiveling ball-head mount, which keeps it secure on your camera and gives you any viewing angle desired. Listen to audio from the built in speakers, or plug in a pair of headphones for accurate audio monitoring. There’s a sunshade cover to give you a clear view in bright sunlight. Take your DSLR video game to a higher level with V-Screen at your disposal.

aputure v-screen


Supports a wide range of signal inputs

The VS-1’s multiple input options include HDMI, YPbPr and AV(Audio/Video1/Video2), and support most DSLRs and camcorders.


Multiple Shortcut Options

The V-Screen can set different shortcuts to functions on the directional pad. Shortcut options include: Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Check Field, Aspect Ratio, Zoom and Screen Marker.Setting shortcuts allows you to avoid entering the menu to use a function and saves shooting time.


Double Power Supply System

The V-Screen can be powered in two ways: with an AC adapter or two lithium batteries. The two methods of power can also be used simultaneously so you can charge your batteries while using your monitor. Lithium batteries are commonly used (Sony F/FM/QM Series) and are easy to find and replace.

aputure v-screen double power


16:9, 4:3 and Full Aspect Ratios

The V-Screen can switch between three common display ratios: 16:9, 4:3 and Full Screen. By changing your display aspect ratio to your shooting aspect ratio, the V-Screen avoids any possible image distortion and makes for a more accurate monitor viewing experience.

aputure v-screen


Main Features

  • Ultrathin, lightweight design
  • 7″ WVGA LCD screen
  • Double power supply
  • Speaker and headphone output
  • Intelligent charging mode
  • Six language choices
  • Multiple aspect ratios (full, 4:3, 16:9)
  • Universal hotshoe mount with swivel head
  • Sunshade cover for bright sunlight
  • Firmware updates via USB
  • Various signal inputs (HDMI, YPbPr, AV)
  • Multiple shortcut options

Download the manual here.

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