Aputure Trigmaster Plus II with long distance control

Aputure is pleased to announce our latest flagship trigger, the Trigmaster Plus II, a great new tool for your flash triggering needs.

trigmaster plus II

Trigmaster Plus II is a transmitter and receiver system built into one pocket-sized unit. It uses a common 2.4G signal to trigger strobes, speedlites and cameras. It also has zone control, 1/320s sync speed, normal range of 500 meters, extended range of 1,000m in relay mode, 6 channels, and more. Whatever your triggering needs, you can easily master them with Trigmaster Plus II.

100% Reliable

Trigmaster Plus II has an extremely reliable 2.4G wireless radio signal. Trigger your flash indoor or outdoors, without suffering from interference or misfires.Success rate is greater than 99.9  percent. Enjoycomplete flash freedom.

trigmaster II

Long Distance Control

Using Super mode, you can trigger yourflash or camera further than 500m, upto one kilometer. With this extended reach,you cancapture scenes younever thought possible before.

Four Zones

Control up to four zones (A/B/C/D) individually orall at once. These are also known as ‘groups’.Conveniently activate zones from the transmitter unit on your camera. Works not only with flashes,but also cameras as well.

trigmaster II

Relay Mode

Relay Mode enables long distance control. Fire your flash or camera from up to 500 meters away. A third unit relays the signal for further reach. Commonly used for shooting remotely, on safari, at sporting events,etc.Can also utilize zones, and can trigger multiple cameras or flashes, not just one.

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Main Features

  • Transmitter and receiver all-in-one
  • Trigger camera + flash at same time
  • Four zones (aka ‘groups’)
  • Long distance ‘Relay’ mode
  • Multi-camera control
  • Battery power indicator
  • Compatible with all Aputure 2.4G Triggers



  • 500m/1,000m range
  • Two AA batteries
  • Compatible with high voltage flashes (up to 300v)
  • Compatible with multiple flash brands
  • 2.4G wireless signal
  • Max Sync Speed up to 1/320s
  • Imported super-performance chip

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