Aputure Trigmaster Plus Released

Shenzhen, China 5th of November, 2011 – We at Aputure are pleased to announce our newest flash trigger – the Trigmaster Plus. This new trigger is the latest in our popular Trigmaster line, offering reliable control of your flash, strobe, and camera.

Trigmaster Plus is a smart sensing transceiver – featuring a transmitter and receiver system built into one pocket-sized unit. Photographers no longer need separate transmitters and receivers to trigger their flashes. The interlink triggering mode enables one Trigmaster Plus to receive and transmit signals at the same time. Users can remotely trigger their camera, while camera then relays signal to remote flashes, enabling your entire system to work simultaneously.

With Trigmaster Plus, you can control your flash in a number of ways. There is a hot shoe mount so that you can connect your speed light flash directly. You can also connect it to your studio strobe via the included cable. Finally, there is a PC Sync port for shooting wired.

Trigmaster Plus has six channels and transmits at a frequency of 433 MHz. It can trigger flashes at a distance up to 100 meters at sync speeds up to 1/250 sec.

Trigmaster Plus can control speed light flashes and studio strobes at the same time – even different brands.  Trigmaster Plus can also be used as a wireless shutter release, removing the need for a dedicated one, simplifying your gear bag.

The Aputure Trigmaster Plus is currently shipping to retailers and are sold individually with cables, a 6.3mm adapter and batteries. Models are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, and Olympus. Check with your local Aputure retailer for purchasing.

Interlink Triggering Mode (remotely triggering your shutter, flash, and strobe all at once)

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