Aputure V-Grip VG-1 Review

Punch in, set focus, change aperture, and start/stop video with your Canon DSLRs from a remote video handle. Here’s a look at the new Aputure VG-1 V-Grip USB Follow Focus Video Remote Handle.

For those unfamiliar, the Canon DSLRs can communicate certain camera settings through the USB port. USB remotes have been around for quite some time, but not many are designed in a comfortable handle-like form factor, and certainly none in this price range.


The Aputure VG-1 can control focus from an Auto Focus Canon EF lens (not manual lenses), and at times can appear smooth, but this will vary on different auto focus lenses. It uses a type of ’stepping’ to get from point A to point B. To help achieve a smoother transition, you can change the size of the steps within the VG-1 remote..

Aputure VG-1

The VG-1 handle connects via USB, and for extended runs you can pick up an inexpensive USB cable with a repeated (like this) . The ideal use of these remotes is when operating a camera from a distance, such as a 30 foot crane, or on a stabilizer where both hands are occupied (fig rig, 3 Axis Gimbals), or to replace one handle on your shoulder rig.

Aputure V-Grip

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