Aputure V-Mic Reviews

Do u want to save a lot of cash on super-cardioid shotgun or microphone? Do u want to achieve satisfying audio effect? U can move your step into the reviews and get a second choice besides Rode microphone.



From the review:


“As you can see in the wave form above and here in the audio sample, with the high pass filter (bass roll off) enabled on both mic’s any room noise has basically disappeared. Again the audio quality coming from the Aputure V-Mic is pretty impressive for a microphone in this price range (around $100 on ebay). The signal level is also stronger then the Videomic pro when set to Zero db.”


Testing Audio

Testing Audio




From the review:

“For videographers, a good audio source is crucial to video production. The V-Mic actually performs quite good for a mic that just barely edges over the $100 mark.  While there isn’t any gain control, the audio is pretty clear and crisp.”

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