August Photo of the Month-Anita

The winner for August comes as no surprise. Winning both the popular vote and the Aputure vote, Alberto Rojas’s image of “Anita-uv2” dominated the competition.

Most members of Aputure Team enjoy its shooting skills and creation. So Alberto will get $50 of free prize from the Aputure store. Though we can’t see all comments for the contest, I have to say all contestants are very great. And the first 3 places will have chance to challenge big prize with facebook competitors.

To enter our monthly photo contests, simply join the Aputure Group on Flickr and add photos to our pool.

Good luck next month!

1st place

Anita-uv2 © Alberto Rojas

2nd place

Sadhu yllw © Koustav K Dutta

3rd place

Bride © Maria Kanevskaya

Honorable mention

Decadence © LED Eddie

Honorable mention

Trash Day.(WNY) © zPRIME

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