August Photo of the Month – Cowgirl Up

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At the end of one of the hottest and steamiest months on record in the past decade (I know I felt it in Hong Kong last Saturday night when the thermometer topped at 38.2 C), we’ve got a hot picture for you. Casey Wertz submitted this picture to the Aputure Group on Flickr, and I wasn’t surprised at all that it came in 1st place, with more than double the votes of the 2nd place photo. We like the silhouette (of course), the rich saturated colors, the dreamy background, the model’s pose, and the feelings evoked from the photo. Congratulations to Casey! He’ll take home a free pair of Trigmasters or a $50 worth of free gear.

This month also saw a lot of new photographers in the finals (with the exception of zPrime, who is a regular), and plenty of great new photos from them. I’m impressed. We are nearing 200 members and 1,000 photos in the group, so help us continue building a great community of Aputure users on Flickr. And if you haven’t read our recent article on the fate of Flickr (vs 500px and Google Plus), check it out here.

1st place

Cowgirl Up © Casey Wertz

2nd place

Ectemnius Wasp © Craig Taylor

3rd place

Bleau © Beans Lim

Honorable Mention

Crouching Garras Hidden Madness © Daniel Rodriguez

Honorable Mention

Flash Prime © zPrime

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