Behind the Video: The Presage (2012 Video Contest Winner)

The winner of our 2012 video contest was kind enough to share his thoughts on the making of the video. Read on…

“Nick Baldwin here, Director of The Presage. I’d like to briefly explain how The Presage came about.

The inspiration behind it came after watching artist Kid Cudi’s thriller music videos Maniac and Mr. Rager. We wanted to create something that was realistic, something that could happen in our world. Politically, the media was saturated with coverage about North Korea’s most recent rocket launch. This was the perfect premise.

The Presage is the story about a man who has a premonition about himself surviving as the fallout of a nuclear strike. His attacker is simply another man doing whatever it takes to survive, even if it means killing another in order to eat for a day. We filmed The Presage between Folsom, CA and South Lake Tahoe over the span of 3 days with a Canon 5D Mark II/ 50mm F1.4 lens.

And to provide a quick fun fact, the snow scene was full of its mishaps! Our actor Troy Schmidt is a trooper. He received a bruised rib from his fall, legitimately tripped jumping over a log in an un-used clip, and took a pretty hard accidental punch to the face during the struggle scene. You’re a rockstar Troy!

Overall, we wanted to create something that really asked the viewer to think in order to understand it. Needless to say, we’re very pleased with the end result and we’re very happy that we were able to share it with you all!”

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