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Being that Aputure is based in China (Shenzhen to be exact), we think it’s a good idea to showcase some of the best photography coming out of the Middle Kingdom. We follow a bunch of blogs and websites, and here are some of our favorites…

Expatriate Games

This is one of the longest running and also most popular photo blogs in China. Based in Liuzhou, a small city in Guangxi Province, Michael Steverson has been documenting all aspects of life in China and does it well. You’ll find extremely clear and natural depictions of street life, portraiture, and excellent photo stories and essays, all in a “big picture” format. Highly recommended.

Morning Prayer © Michael Steverson

China Guide – National Geographic

Naturally you can find some good photography featuring China on the National Geographic website. Be sure to read the articles too, as they highlight a deeper side of the country.

The Great Wall © Gavin Hellier/Getty

Stuck in Customs – China

One of our favorite photographers spends a lot of time in China, recognizing and taking advantage of the vast beauty throughout the country for his travel photojournalism. He happens to be in China right now as well! Trey, if you are reading this, come to Shenzhen or Hong Kong for a photo walk! I can recommend some good spots.

Yangshuo Mountins © Trey Ratcliff

Eyestore China

If you’re curious to see the fashion trends of the youth in China (often very quirky and imaginative!), this is the blog for you. Clear, uniform, and sharp photos characterize the approach of the photographer, who is based in the Southern City of Guangzhou. It’s a very similar approach to Stylites in Beijing. I only wish the watermarks were not so obtrusive.

Street Fashion © EyeStore

Shenzhen Photos

Okay, this is my own website, showcasing the first and largest special economic zone in the country; a fast paced city that sprouted up over 30 years, home to more than 10 million people. It’s a “photo a day” concept that in reality is more like “photo a week or month”, but the archives go back several years, so take a look at this vibrant city.

Pink Shenzhen © Jesse Warren

This page will become updated as more sites are discovered…

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