Big Picture Editor moves to The Atlantic

The editor of The Big Picture – one of our favorite photography blogs on the net –  has left his post at and moved on to The Atlantic – one of our favorite news sources on the net – to create a new blog called In Focus. Alan Taylor, who is foremost a web developer, came up with the idea a few years ago and has seen his side project blossom into one of the most popular photography blogs out there. Each post comes alive with hundreds of comments from viewers. From his own words, it appears he was constricted by time and his web development duties, and will now have more creative freedom with The Atlantic – while working on this new project full time. Called In Focus, it will follow in the footsteps its predecessor, featuring high resolution photography about the latest news and trends around the world. The Big Picture will remain active. We’re looking forward to double of a great thing.

Liftoff of Mercury Atlas 7 at Cape Canaveral, Florida. (NASA)

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