Canon 35mm 1.8 Rumors

If you’re a Canon shooter in search of a small fast normal prime for your APS-C camera, you might want to hold out a while. According to Canon Rumors, “A source is nearly positive Canon will be releasing this  for Photokina.” We’ll be at Photokina in Germany in September, and if the rumors are true, we’ll be there to get our hands on the lens and hopefully take some sample pictures for you.

There’s plenty of demand, debate, and discussion going on as to whether Canon even needs this lens in their lineup. Canon has a recent history of playing catchup to Nikon and others in the lens department, whether it be stabilized superzooms (18-200 VR vs 18-200 IS), pro caliber normal zooms for APS-C (17-55 2.8 vs 17-55 IS), high quality consumer zooms (16-85VR vs 15-85 IS), and now, a fast normal prime.

Nikon 35mm 1.8 © Nikon Inc

To be sure, there are other options, as outlined is this earlier post on 50mm options. If the lens is and EF-S, we question whether 35mm is a good choice, as it translates into a 56mm equivalent field of view. This is a touch long than the “normal” view of which is actually 43mm. We think 30-32mm would be more in order for Canon 1.6x DSLRs.

The above mentioned page from Canon Rumors also makes mention of a replacement for the 70-300 IS, but we question whether that makes much sense. After all, it’s a proven lens with good results at a good price. But if they can improve on it easily, then why not?

With Nikon, Sigma, and now Sony (below) with normal primes for APS-C cameras, it only makes sense for Canon to join the party.

Sony 35mm 1.8 © DPReview

If the rumors are true, and we hope they are, the only question remaining is whether to replace our Sigma 30mm 1.4 for a new Canon? Until the lens is released and tests are done, the jury is out…but we have high expectations and high hopes.

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