Canon 60D: Our Wish List

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It’s been nearly two years since the release of the 50D, and the next in line is due. If you’re a Canon shooter and on top of camera rumors, you’ve probably heard talk of the 60D via this website.  They have recently reported that 50D stock is running low and reps are saying the 60D is on the horizon. We’ve been following these rumors for a while (here’s a timeline from Northlight Images), and the details have been subject to fluctuation. Gear heads love not only to speculate, but to make wish-lists, and we are no different. Here’s what we would love to see in the impending Canon 60D, and our more realistic predictions:

Stick with 15 megapixels. Give us better noise performance. People who care about megapixels can go for the 7D, while those often shoot at high ISOs can have a better alternative. One rumor suggested resolution would drop to 13.8mp, but it’s since gone back up. What we’d really like to see is a very usable ISO 6400; that’s enough. (Prediction: It will get the same 18mp sensor as the 7D)

Bigger Viewfinder. Like the 7D, we’d love to see a bigger viewfinder. User experience is very important, and if you’re struggling to look down a dark narrow tunnel to get your shot, you just won’t be enjoying it as much as if you had a big, bright viewfinder.  (Prediction: it will stay the same)

Wireless Flash Control. Canon has been lagging behind Nikon in this regard for a long time. They finally got on the ball with the 7D, and it makes sense to continue down this road. Ironically, consider it less business for us, but more simplicity for you if they give you the ability to control your flash with your camera. (Prediction: not sure)

Smaller Form Factor. There’s nothing inherently bad about the xxD’s form factor. But we believe the same camera can be placed in a smaller body. Afterall, the Nikon pulls off the D90 in a slightly smaller yet still very comfortable package. The xxxD line is simply too small and awkward for our hands, however. (Prediction: form factor will not change)

Swivel LCD Screen. It seems this is something that has really failed to catch on in the DSLR world so far. There are a few cameras enjoying relative success, such as the D5000, but we’d like to see Canon blaze a new path with the XXD line and integrate a viable swivel LCD option. We fondly recall the joys of shooting with our Canon G6 and it’s awesome swivel screen. (Prediction: no swivel LCD)

Customizable Auto-ISO. The Auto ISO feature on the 50D works great. It follows the focal length of your lens to ensure sharp shots at the lowest possible ISO. However, it stops at 1600, which is not enough for all applications. The camera offers a full 3 stops more than that, up to 12,800. Why not let the photographer choose where it maxes out. (Prediction: it will max out at 3200)

There are plenty of other features that may receive upgrades or changes, but these are the ones we most care about. AF performance, FPS, menu systems, etc are fine as we see it. Video capability will almost certainly be added, as with the 550D. As you may have noticed with our predictions, we are not so hopeful that the 60D will deliver what we want, but we are keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward to the release date of the 60D.

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