Canon G12 vs Nikon P7000

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The Canon G Series has been popular ever since it’s inception with serious photographers looking for a capable, high-end compact camera. The rangefinder styling, variety of external controls, swivel screen, and large(-ish) sensor with good image quality have defined the series. But now we have a new kid on the block: the Nikon P7000. Nikon has been lacking a clear challenger to Canon’s G series over the years, although the P5000/6000 came close. But this new model adresses Canon clear and square, and indeed almost looks just like the G series. Now with the release of the Canon G12, we have two models going head to head (along with the Panasonic LX-5) for the same slice of the enthusiast market. Let’s take a closer look…

Canon Powershot G12

Nikon Coolpix P7000

Head to Head

Lens: Canon’s 28-140mm f/2.8-4.5 vs Nikon’s 28-200mm f/2.8-5.6  – Nikon’s range wins here, but will it provide high quality sharp results at the end of the zoom?

Sensor: Both cameras feature a 10mp 1/1.7″ CCD sensor. We think it was a wise move to limit the camera’s resolution. If only DSLRs could do the same…

LCD Screen: Nikon’s 3″ 920k pixel screen is sure to outdo Canon’s 2.8″ 460k screen. Although Canon gets the nod for having an articulated swivel screen.

ISO range: Canon’s 80-3200 vs Nikon’s 100-6400 – Nikon’s inclusion of ISO 6400 makes a bold statement about this camera’s noise performance.

EV Range: Canon does +/-2 while Nikon does +/-3 – It’s always nice to have more parameter options, especially with exposure compensation.

Video: Both cameras feature 720p HD video, but neither of them have 1080p. Nikon has a mic jack for external recording, whereas Canon does not.

Controls: Both cameras feature plenty of external control, but only the Canon has a dedicated ISO control dial.

Other: We’re not sure who uses these, but the Nikon features and Electronic Virtual Horizon. Otherwise the grid lines work fine for us.

The final word

Obviously we are going on specs alone, and have no gauge to measure image quality yet, but the Nikon P7000 has a compelling feature set that’s hard to ignore. It outspecs the G12 in many areas, but if you can’t live without a swivel screen, then you know what to do. With Nikon’s recent track record in the image quality department, we have high expectations of this camera and expect it to take the top spot among the high-end compact market.

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