Canon S90 Sample Shots

Continuing from our previous review of the Canon S90, here are 10 sample shots. These are not intended to be portfolio worthy, but rather to showcase what it can (and can’t) do under a variety of conditions. All photos are jpegs straight from the camera. Click on the photo for the full size.

Macro mode is decent, but I find it struggles to lock focus at times.

Homeade Salad © Jesse Warren

The control wheel, when programmed to white balance trim, can make for some really pleasing colors. I’m a big fan of amber tint.

1/30s ~ f/2.0 ~ 6mm ~ ISO 160 ~ -1/3 EV

Macbook Pro © Jesse Warren

The slow sync flash setting can make for some fun indoor portraits, but it doesn’t always work this well.

1 s ~ f/2.5 ~ 6mm ~ ISO 400 ~ -1/3 EV

Slow Sync Flash © Jesse Warren

The S90 handles low light night shots fairly well. The IS helped get a sharp shot despite the slow-ish shutter speed.

0.1 sec (1/10) ~ f/2.0 ~ 6mm ~ ISO 1600 ~ -1/3 EV

Eli at night © Jesse Warren

Despite the rainy day, the S90 was able to pull rich colors out of this scene, while shooting on Positive Film mode.

Shennan Road © Jesse Warren

The S90 cannot always handle street lights so well with long exposures.

8 sec ~ f/4.0 ~ 6mm ~ ISO 80 ~ -1/3 EV

Starlights © Jesse Warren

The long end of the zoom reaches 105mm, which is moderate as far as telephoto goes, but can certainly compress your subjects a bit.

Zoom © Jesse Warren

Distortion, as you can see along the bottom of this photo, is relatively minor.

Distortion Test © Jesse Warren

The S90 handles dynamic range rather well, picking up a range of tones and shades on this flat, smoggy day.

Smoggy Skyline © Jesse Warren

The S90 is not afraid of a little bit of rainy weather, and its flash is quite powerful.
1/8s ~ f/2.0 ~ 6mm ~ ISO 500 ~ 0 EV ~ flash fired

Rainy Flip © Jesse Warren

So there you go, 10 shots showing what the S90 can and can’t do. Take a look at more S90 images from Flickr to give you an even better idea of this compact camera’s capabilities.

About the author:

Jesse Warren is a power-shooting photographer based in Shenzhen, China. He also works for Aputure.

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