Christmas Greetings from China

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We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday season.

People often ask me – do they celebrate Christmas in China? The answer…yes. But in a different way.

Most Chinese people see Christmas as an opportunity to go out, meet friends, socialize, and have a good time. I once shot a Christmas Eve event at a bar, and they had a countdown at midnight!

In big cities, Christmas trees and decorations are everywhere. Christmas songs are playing from loudspeakers in nearly all stores. And just about every cashier is wearing a Santa hat. Sometimes the decor can be really quirky/odd. Regardless, the holiday is certainly growing over the years.

I’ve celebrate at least six Christmases in China. Here are a few of my images, as well as others from Flickr. Have a look, and get a glimpse into Christmas in China! (and as always, click through for a larger image)

From Jesse Warren

Christmas "Sweater" - with a Chinese Twist © Jesse Warren

Young Skinny Chinese Santa © Jesse Warren

Hong Kong always gets decked out for Christmas © Jesse Warren

Halloween vs Christmas in Shenzhen © Jesse Warren

An ape with red blinking eyes in a blue santa suit riding a dragon...yep. © Jesse Warren

In China, Christmas! © Jesse Warren

From others on Flickr:

Christmas Love © Jimmie

I can say with certainty that Hong Kong is like this on Christmas Eve! Everybody is out to celebrate and see fireworks…

Christmas in Hong Kong © Liang Jinjian

Shopping for Christmas © Chris

Here’s one of those cashiers in a Santa hat that I mentioned…

Santa Girl © DC Master

And finally a shot from Aputure group member Steev:

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