Christmas Party in the Aputure Studio

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Ever wonder how they celebrate Christmas in China? Well here is one example of how we celebrated in the Aputure office. Today we had a Christmas party in the studio during the last two hours of work. It included plenty of food, fun, music, and games. I’m not used to shooting with a Nikon (D200) but did my best with a 50mm f/1.8 (I have to say that changing focus points is a lot easier on the Nikon). Anyways, check out a few casual snapshots from the party…

This game involved drinking lots of milk, and quick!

The decorations fell down on our poor photographer. This was quite funny.

Colin, our web developer and Christmas Party MC

Aputure Girls taking in the action

A room full of red hats

I'm sure you've played this game before.

Three's a crowd

Our first party in the Aputure Studio

This game involved lots and lots of water

Two of the A-girls

The photographer - not really used to shooting a Nikon! (D200)

Whatever holiday you celebrate, happy holidays from Aputure! We hope yours is a great one.

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