Digital Timer Remote Overview

The Digital Timer Remote is one of our most popular items.

Also known as an ‘intervalometer’ – it enables you to take a sequence of shots at any interval and duration you want. It also has self-timer and bulb modes, a small LCD with all this information, and works with just about any digital camera under out there.

Maybe you don’t want to dive through the manuals to learn how to use the thing. Perhaps you want to watch a few videos. Or you just want to lean what the thing can do. We’ve got a few videos for you.

First, take a look at this overview of the device from a photographer in the Australian Outback.

Here’s a video from Propaganda Buster showing how to set up and use the Remote. They also provide a run-down of the unit on their blog.

Here’s another overview from an online retailer.

You could get the original Canon version for $135 bucks, or you could shave a hundred bucks off the price and get ours which works just as well. The choice is yours.

Stay tuned for some examples from here in the Aputure studio.

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