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If you’re a photographer, you probably know this website. It’s always exciting when the team over at DPReview (the biggest and best camera review site on the net) upgrades their website with new features. This week they had quite major facelift, including new product pages, feature search, lens data and user reviews. Let’s take a closer look at what this means, and how you can make use of it.

User Reviews

A site best known for its high quality reviews has finally added the ability for its users to write reviews (the strength of sites like Fred Miranda) To find the reviews, simply go to any product page, and you’ll see a tab called “User Reviews”. Since the feature is new, there are few reviews now, but you can see one on this page for the Canon 17-40L. Although there is no dedicated section for user reviews; probably to keep their own reviews more prominent.

New product pages

Now you’ve got all the info and specs about cameras and lenses in an easy to understand and search format. Take a look at the Canon page, for example. You can drill down into lens, compacts, and dslr pages. From there you can browse further

Side-by-side camera comparison

This probably my favorite new feature. Select the cameras of your choice, and dpreview will create a chart showing their specs side by side. For example, here’s a comparison of four micro 4/3rds cameras, that we will be looking at in an upcoming review.

Side-by-side lens comparison

Another incredibly useful tool that lets you see lens specs side by side. If you’re looking to buy a superzoom, here’s a comparison of most of your options on the market.

Camera feature search and Lens feature search

Searching for a small SLR, compact camera, mid-range f/2.8 zoom, f/1.4 prime lens, superzoom? These two tools have you covered, with a huge database to pick from. Sort your results from old to new, and high to low price.

Popular cameras

See which cameras are the most popular for the reviews, galleries, and challenges. Surprisingly, the D90 comes out on top in the latter two categories.

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