Featured Work: Laura Marie’s Portraiture

If you’ve followed this blog, then you might be familiar with Laura Marie, as we interviewed her and she also won a monthly photo contest here.

Month after month, she continues to churn out amazing conceptual portraits in our Flickr group. There seems to be a lot of thought and work (especially processing) going into each one. Her take on self-portraiture is head and shoulders above the pack, and it doesn’t hurt that she is beautiful. So we couldn’t help but feature some of her latest work.

In fact, it’s hard not to grant her an automatic entry into the photo contest finals each month (she deserves it), but we do need to make some room for others!

Without further adieu, some of her latest work…

fetal © Laura Marie

preserving childhood © Laura Marie

sundown © Laura Marie

the coming storm © Laura Marie

mirrored © Laura Marie

wings © Laura Marie

approaching storm © Laura Marie

feral © Laura Marie

a spirits noose © Laura Marie

wife casserole © Laura Marie

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