Featured Work: Rainbow Smoke by Sean Wyatt

A set of pictures in our Flickr group recently caught our attention, Using three flashes, some Trigmaster Plus units, and a bit of imagination, photographer Sean Wyatt did an excellent job, and we think the results are worth sharing. Impressively enough, the photographer gave each picture has a different name – owing to the shapes of the smoke! He has graciously shared some information on how he made them. Pictures following at the bottom…

The Setup © Sean Wyatt

“Rainbow smoke was motivated and inspired by the work I saw locally which combine two separate shots of single colored smoke to create interesting effects.

My desire to support the freedom and creative independence of individuals gave me inspiration to capture a full rainbow of colors through gentle smoke. I wanted worldly elements to be captured in a rainbow hue.

The shooting was created and planned out over a series of days. Creating my own snoots out of plastic packaging materials, and colored gels with compact disk envelopes. I didn’t have yellow, I created a yellow gel on my ink jet printer and vellum which I had handy.

As you look at the image of my set up, there are 3 flashes, and one camera, all controlled by Aputure Trigmaster Plus triggers. I used 5 triggers all set up easily. One for my hand, one for the camera, and 3 for the flashes.

Most shots were at 320-400 ISO at 35mm F4 to 5.6 and 1/200Sec on Canon T2i to start, and then moved over to a 5DmkII, while keeping the settings and gaining a wider field
of view.

The snoots were pointed horizontally and attached to my umbrella stand by simple rubber bands. Each flash, with different outputs generic flash, 580exII and 430exII, had to be set manually to achieve the balanced effects.

I started with 3 incense sticks, but it produced way too much, I found with 1 stick I was gaining better images.

I hope to continue this work with different Elements in rainbow color.

Thank you for following along.”

Baby Dragon © Sean Wyatt

Fire Flying © Sean Wyatt

Rainbow Room © Sean Wyatt

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