February Photo of the Month – Covered in Underwear

A-Team choosing the winner...

No, this is not our photo of the month! But it’s a few members of the Aputure Team, convening for our monthly photo contest. It’s always good to pour over the best photos in the group, talk about them, and choose a winner. Read on…

1st Place

This image by Polish photographer Chris Cichuta takes home top honors this month. Members of the A-Team who chose this photo for the following reasons: “original sense of design”, “professional”, expressing something different”, “eye catching”, etc. Congrats to Cris! He’ll take home a new Trigmaster or $50 in free photography accessories. Be sure to check out his great photography website with plenty of nice conceptual pictures.

Trepczenko © Chris Cichuta

2nd place

This beautiful shot was close behind the first place image. Those who chose it cited “beautiful colors”, “patience”, and “need for skill”. Being a lover of long exposure night photography and rich colors, this was my personal choice. I’d wager that this was probably taken with our popular Digital Timer Remote.

Through time © latensifier

3rd place

This drop of water caught our eyes immediately when we saw it. I’m sure it took many shots, and we look forward to seeing more like it.

Waterdrop © MichaelImagePhotography.com

Honorable Mentions

This great shot was chosen for its sense of evocation of memories and nostalgia. Makes me think of Billie Holiday!

Vintage Lilieth with fan © Francesc J. Garcia

This shot is called “Ballet-Fu”, a concept we’d like to see expounded upon!

Ana Dias © Bruno Nacarato



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