Free Trigmasters for Everybody!

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It’s that time of the month again, and instead of giving away just one set of our Trigmasters to the winner of the monthly photo contest, we’re giving away a set to everyone who joins our Flickr group by the end of the weekend on April 3rd (what’s today again…? But for now, let’s announce our winner for the month of March.

Deservedly taking the top spot is a regular contributor to our group, who consistently delivers interesting conceptual shots. We knew it was only a matter of time before he won the contest. It was a tight race this month, and he took the top spot by just one vote. Aputure team members who voted on this photo credited it with being romantic, creative, and well-thought out. Congratulations to DaedaLusT for winning our monthly photo contest on this April Fools Day (that’s no joke! but the title of this post is :) He’ll take home a free set of Trigmasters, or a $50 credit to this online photography store.

1st place

the things we do for love...© DaedaLusT

2nd place

wormsloe plantation © Just Victor

3rd place

Lunar Phlow.... © Aussie Steev

Honorable Mention

Imperious Walk © Wilson Hurst

Honorable Mention

Italion Pizza! © Ronit Dalvi


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