Fujifilm Finepix X100 Preview

Photokina was a photographers paradise (more likely a gear-heads paradise). We got the chance to try out many new and exciting products there this year. Every major company was represented with their latest on display for everyone to get their hands on. The most interesting product to us was probably the Fujifilm X100…

It houses a 12mp APS-C sensor inside a micro 4/3rds sized body, and is styled like a rangefinder, as you can see here. It has a fixed 23mm  f/2 lens (35mm equivalent) and aperture is controlled manually either on the lens or on the camera. The hybrid viewfinder allows photographers to switch between an electronic and optical view, which actually it worked quite well despite our doubts. The camera feels tough and also comfortable in the hands. I’d love to own one of these, but a 50mm equivalent would be more to my liking. Either way, bringing APS-C image quality to a compact body is ground breaking (along with Sony and Samsung). Although only a prototype, it’s slated for release early next year.

Fujifilm X100 prototype at Photokina

Fujifilm X100 Rear View in Hong Kong

Here is the product announcement page on DPReview. Here are a few more pictures from Fuji. And here is another good page about the X100.

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