Fun new lens adapter for iPhone

If you’ve been tuned in to the photo-web lately then you’ve probably heard of the new iPhone SLR mount being offered by Photojojo (a company with a knack for funky products). The LA Times even picked up on it. It enables you to connect a Nikon or Canon lens to your iPhone, giving you the depth of field and manual focus advantages that come with them. This concept was aired almost exactly a year ago, but is only now coming to the market. Ranging from $190 for an iPhone 3 model to $250 for an iPhone 4 model, they are not cheap nor prohibitively expensive. See more of a fun gadget for kicks than anything else. Although with the iPhone 4 being the most popular camera on Flickr at the moment, it kinda makes sense and we won’t be surprised if it sells well. And with a lens collection costing in the thousands of dollars, seems like a harmless addition to your arsenal.

The iPhone SLR Mount © Photojojo

There are a few caveats though: 

  • only older lens with a manual f-stop ring allow you to change the aperture value
  • you lose 1-2 f-stops of light depending on the lens
  • this also results in darker exposures, darker photos
  • the images are upside down, and must be rotated in post
  • the Canon version does not work with EF-S lenses
On the bright side: 
  • you’ll have the coolest gadget on the block
  • leave your DSLR at home, or don’t buy one at all
  • attract lots of admiring/baffled attention (maybe not a good thing)
Sample images from Photojojo: 

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