Get Upgrade of Aputure V-Screen VS-3 Firmware V1.2

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Aputure V-Screen VS-3 is an ultra-thin 7” IPS monitor featuring a crystal clear WSVGA display, wide viewing angle, low power consumption, multiple aspect ratios, and includes essential functions such as Volume Bar, PEAK, False Color Display, Zebra Marking, Brightness Histogram, etc. It supports multiple signal inputs, including HDMI/YPbPr/AV (Audio/L/R). It also has a universal mount, double power supply, and sunhood to help you to shoot anywhere. Take your video shooting to the next level with Aputure V-Screen.


Main features:

  1. IPS panel
  2. Anti-reflection multi coating
  3. Supports up to 1080p input
  4. PEAK focus assist
  5. Highlight focus assist
  6. Zebra marking-70IRE or 100IRE
  7. Histogram for precise exposure control
  8. False color to check exposure
  9. Includes Audio Bar & 3-color level displays
  10. Pre-calibrated color
  11. HDMI loops-through
  12. No image deformation or black in 5D Mark II scan mode
  13. Firmware updates via USB
  14. 7 languages
  15. Includes sunhood

Download Firmware Version 1.2 for V-Screen VS-3 here.

This firmware version 1.2 incorporates the following fix:

  • V1.2 adds frame line and panamorph function:
  1. Frame line has added four ratios:1.33:1/1.66:1/1.85:1/2.35:1
  2. Added (panamorph 2.35:1), perfect for working with special panamorph lenses.
  • Improved the display of menus while working with mono, false color, zebra and peaking.
  • False color function can only work when signal input.

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