Gigtube Reviewed by All Things Photography

The Gigtube is one of our flagship products and we were pleased to see this review of our swiveling live-view LCD by the fine folks at All Things Photography. We especially like the way they set it up out the window in order to get a shot – presumably of feeding animals. Squirrel photography, anyone? Also, mighty fine photos taken by these guys, as you can see below and in their post.

Aputure Gigtube © All Things Photography

The Gigtube from Aputure is a pretty cool little gadget that acts as a removable LCD live view screen for your DSLR with built in camera remote. For me, there are a number of possible scenarios where this would be particularly useful:
  • Self Portraits
  • Overhead Shots
  • Stealth Shots of Nature Subjects
  • Low Angle Shooting
  • Macro Work

To continue reading their review, click here.

Please note that the price of the Gigtube has been reduced to $149.95, and not the price that is listed on the review. To find one that fits your camera, check out the list of models on Amazon.

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