Gigtube Wireless Review and Video from Israel

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While at Photokina in Germany last fall, we met the good people of MegaPixel from Israel, and they expressed interest in our Gigtube Wireless. Fast forward nearly half a year later, and they’ve churned out a review of our innovative wireless liveview remote. Enlisting the help of professional fashion photographer Rafael Ben Dor to test and review the unit, they’ve also created a nice and informative video showcasing situations in which you might use the Gigtube Wireless. We especially enjoyed the sections where he is shooting his cat eating on the floor; and also his friend grabbing snacks from the fridge. Although spoken in Hebrew, it includes English subtitles. Don’t take our word for it; read the review and watch the video and see what those in the field think of it.

From the review:

The Gigtube Wireless is an innovative solution which allows photographers to easily take pictures while being far away from their cameras and still see the image that they are taking in real time. The device is simple to install and use, compatible with most common cameras (at least from Nikon/Canon/Olympus) and has a very decent range (it even go through walls and on our video it worked through a steal refrigerator with the door closed). The main limitations of the device has very little to do with its design (maybe apart from built quality) and everything to do with how Liveview is implemented in most DSLR cameras. As we explained in the video most DSLRs are programmed to turn the Liveview off after several minutes to preserve battery and reduce sensor heating (exactly how long changes between camera models). There might be ways of getting around this, but for nature photographers it could be annoying to get back to the camera located 50-100 meters away every few minutes to turn the Liveview back on, scaring off the animals they wish to photograph.

Who might be the target audience of the Gigtube Wireless? Well, we could think of two potential groups: the first and most obvious – nature photographers who use the Gigtube Wireless to capture images with a camera while hiding far away. Two things come into play here – the speed of the autofocus in Liveview (still very slow on most DSLR cameras today) and as we noted before the automatic shutdown of the Liveview which can force the photographer to scare away the animal as he/she comes back to turn it on again.

The second group who might be interested in the Gigtube Wireless are professional studio photographers. For them the device might prove helpful by saving time and effort while taking pictures from very low angles (as we demonstrated in the video).  Amateur photographers might also find the Gigtube Wireless useful and while we came up with some interesting uses for the Gigtube Wireless in our video we are sure that many more innovative ideas will be found once the device become more widespread.

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