¿Habla usted español?

Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken native language in the world after Chinese, with nearly 400 million speakers, and there’s no reason to limit our blog to only native English speakers. After all, there are millions of Spanish speaking photographers and likely thousands using Aputure products.

Javier Odriozola, a member of our group on Flickr, is one of these. He has written a tutorial in Spanish for time lapse photography using the Aputure Digital Remote Timer. Of the timer, he says, “I love the remote, very functional and light, I take it everywhere.” From the tutorial…

“Es el tipo de fotografía que estamos acostumbrados a ver en televisión en programas de ciencias naturales, cuando muestran una flor que se abre, algo que se descompone, etc.”

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And now, here’s an example of Javier’s wonderful time lapse photography:

We love the way he relaxes on the couch during the video, which was added to the Aputure Group on Flickr. Speaking of which, we are running a monthly photo contest there, and the winner will take home one free Aputure product. If you’re interested, join the group here and add some photos, and you might qualify for some free photography toys.

Finally, for those who don’t speak Spanish, here are a few useful resources for time lapse photography in English:

The Ultimate Guide to Time Lapse Photography from Photojojo

Time Lapse Photography by Timothy Allen of BBC Earth

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