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As the largest Dutch photography community and market leader, ZOOM.NL inspires, teaches and helps the audience to take better pictures. They get in touch with photographers through their website, magazine, photography course DVD, iPad app, social media, workshops and events.

ZOOM.NL is a website created for helping amateur photographers. It offers visitors a platform where they can upload photos to share, view and rate. Over 110,000 active registered members have collectively shared more than 1.6 million photos in the online gallery. Besides the photos, the site offers reviews, news and photo contests. ZOOM.NL magazine is published 10 times a year and has a one year special. The magazine gives its visitors a first look at the forefront of photographic content. 1



Why are we mentioning this magazine? Well this week we were flattered to find that we were featured in this magazine!



Aputure Products on Magazine


The magazine featured our latest gear: first up was the V-Screen VS-3, a monitor with a wide 170°/170° viewing angle and brightness up to 400 nit, which means it produces a bright picture that can be seen from any angle. You can click here if you want to see more details

Next up was the V-Converter A810, a device that gives you professional monitor overlays for any HDMI display. The V-Converter works with an HDMI input (like 55” TV), and turns this basic monitor into one with advanced functions such as Peaking, Zebra Marking, False color, Histogram, Audio Metering and more. It’s the ability to check the finer details of your picture and sound with professional monitoring on any display. You can also click here to learn more about it


Aputure 1

Aputure Products on Magazine


Thank you again to ZOOM.NL for featuring us! We’ve got tons of other camera accessories and lights on our site. You can click here to find your favorite! Also be sure to join our monthly Photo Contest to vote and have your pictures voted for! The winner will get $80 of free gear from Aputure Store.


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