Hot Summers Night – January Photo of the Month

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Our first photo contest prize of 2012 goes to Tristan Jud, whom we have interviewed before. He took 1st place by just one vote for his beautiful and dramatically lit portrait. Tristan has also been getting busy with our Trigmaster line, which he no doubt used to light this shot with. Congrats to Tristan and all the other finalists, and see you for next months contest!

1st Place

Hot Summers Night © Tristan Jud

Here are some words from Tristan on how the photo was made:

“The photo is actually a composite. The model had was in from Melbourne so we organised a quick studio shoot with a simple 3 light setup, triggered with Trigmaster Plus’s (they are my go to trigger/receivers). We did a variety of different poses and outfits and then the task of finding backgrounds begun. So this photo is a first of a series another two will be released over the next week or so. Once I came found the background which was in the old part of the Fremantle Harbour, it it simply had to shoot it. The yellow light is actually the type of lighting that was down at the docks so with a bit of photoshop trickery I was able to match the colours.
I cut Kaye out using OnOne’s PhotoSuite 6 which I have found to be the easiest masking tools I’ve come across. Some minor adjustments to the composite were done using some of the effects available in PhotosSuite 6. I then did some more localised adjustments in Tiffens DFX v3.0 which provides some amazing control over the effects allowing complete customisation. From there is was into Photoshop, well actually I didn’t use photoshop on this, i used PaintShop Pro X4 ( a new piece of software I’m playing around with), to create some shadows, do some final sharpening and correcting the color of Kaye (the model) so she fit into the scene.”

2nd Place

Ice Roads © zPrime

3rd Place

The Butterfly © ZAN1980

3rd Place

Egg Assembly © John Strohmeyer

Honorable Mention

Portrait © Christian Eberly


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