Interview: Getting RAW with Tristan Jud

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Tristan Jud is a professional photographer based in Perth, Australia. He’s been beta-testing our latest Trigmaster Plus units (stay tuned for a review) and he produces some mighty fine photos – mostly of the models and fashion variety. He’s spearheaded a new blog called RAW, which focuses on interviews and gear reviews. A former web designer, working as part of a husband and wife team, read on below to learn more. And as always, click the shots for more…

Tristan Jud

Tell us about yourself:

I love photography, snowboarding, chocolate and my wife, not necessarily in that order. My background is web design, I’ve owned a web design firm for about 8 years and in the last 12 months shifted to photography. I also started a little site called RAW.

How did you get started in professional photography?

To be honest I kind of fell into it. I had always been interested in photography I remember the first camera I bought myself was a Panasonic FZ5. At the time I thought it was great and it came with a lens hood lol :).

Through my web design firm I was seeing an increase in professional photography services for websites, so after organising quite a few shoots for clients I decided I wanted to give the photography process a go.

By this stage I had a dslr and was very happy shooting in manual mode. I’d spent some time doing off camera lighting and thought I would give it ago. I went along to a model night at a local studio and from there on I was hooked with the whole photography process.

From there it just kind of all started falling into place. I started to get more and more into portrait photography and developing a style.

Amy © Tristan Jud

Favorite camera and lens? Why?

As for the lens my favourite is a good 50mm. I think the Canon 50mm 1.8 (and the new Nikon 1.8G) are tremendous lenses for the price and anyone starting out should definitely get one. When coupled with a cropped sensor you are getting around the 80-90mm focal length which works really well for portrait type photography. Up until two weeks ago I would say my favourite lens was the Canon 50mm 1.8 but I’ve just picked up a new Sigma 50mm 1.4 which is just amazing, however there is a huge price difference so it should be.

Camera wise, I like to use the right tool for the job so I will often hire the camera body depending on what I’m needing, because of this my personal selection of camera bodies consists of a Canon 1000d and a newly purchased Canon 60d. My favourite usually depends on the lens. For travel/holidays it’s definitely the 1000d simply because it’s light. For more personal photography work it’s my new 60d.

I think it’s important to remember that it’s not the camera it’s the photographer. Everyone reading this that has an entry level camera and a kit lens, you can create amazing images using the equipment you have, you don’t need 70-200 2.8 or something similar in quality and price.

Craig & Faith © Tristan Jud

If you could shoot anyone/anything/anywhere, what would it be?

I would have to say snow sports. Skiers, Snowboards and maybe throw in a model or two in the snow. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do since I got into the photography game. It’s been in the back of my mind to shoot and hopefully in the future the opportunity will come up.

What’s your off-camera flash philosophy?

I started shooting off-camera flash pretty early on. I adopted the strobist style simply because it was quite inexpensive to play around with. After awhile I started enjoying the freedom of the little speedlights, and I started to favour them over studio or larger lighting packs. I’ve recently become a LumoPro contributor and i’ve found coupled with some Trigmaster Plus 2.4g’s it’s an amazing lighting setup that I use all over the place.

Tara © Tristan Jud

What’s the inspiration behind your RAW blog?

When I was heavily into web design I used to read interviews with up and coming web designers. I thought it was a great idea but the thing that annoyed me was that each interview had different questions, and sometimes it didn’t seem to serve that much of a purpose for the reader.

So the RAW interview was a set of simple questions that I got asked quite often. It’s setup in a way that the interviewee can answer with as much detail and cover as much content as he or she wants. You can see some photographers work that out and their interview is amazingly informative others not so much. You end up with a ton of different views and ideas that hopefully photographers who read it can piece together different answers or sections of answers to have a better idea of which way to head.

I also wanted to highlight high quality low cost gear that photographers could use to compliment what they already had or if they were just setting up, some honest reviews of the equipment being used in real shoot situations.

Zoe & Jordyn © Tristan Jud

What’s it like working as a husband & wife team?

It’s great! We work really well and enjoy the time together also having someone to bounce ideas off helps the creative process. My wife handles a lot of the organising so she kind of falls in between a production manager and creative director, and having that extra set of eyes on set helps get the best possible image no matter what the situation.

What kind of professional photography do you enjoy the most? (fashion,
weddings, lifestyle, etc?)

My favourites are fashion, editorial, glamour, advertising and lifestyle.

What is the best thing about being a photographer? Worst?

The best thing is I get to do what I love, and work with my wife to create some amazing imagery.

The problem however is the selling side of photography. I get emails and messages everyday from models wanting to shoot TFP to build up their portfolio. Unfortunately most believe or don’t even think about the costs of each shoot. Gear aside you have insurances, the actual shoot time, planning (most models just want to shoot so they don’t have a concept in mind), and then to top it off you have the editing of the images which can take a long time.

Oh then you get the people that believe it’s the camera that makes such a difference, but that’s for another time.

Nikki Loueza © Tristan Jud

What’s your most memorable shooting gig?

I think for any “pro” photographer the most memorable gig is always the first one where someone rings you out of the blue wanting you to shoot their label or campaign.

So with out naming names my first will always hold a special place in my heart, however I remember each one of my shoots, and each one has a special moment were you look at the back of the camera and you know you got the shot.

What does the future hold for you?

Continue to grow RAW. Work closely with LumoPro which is an amazing company, and hopefully you guys aswell. Recently I was contacted by a photographer here in Perth to run a few workshops so we are busy planning them. The first one is actually in 5 days.

Shoot lots more fashion, glamour, editorial, lifestyle and advertising, who knows one of those might even get me to the snow.

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