Introducing…Amaran AL-528W LED Video Light


Shenzhen, March 2013 – Aputure is pleased to announce our best LED video light ever…Amaran AL-528.

Amaran AL-528 has more LEDs than ever before, giving you maximum brightness when you need it most. It features strong and steady light, manual brightness control, and uses PWM technology to decrease power dissipation. It is expandable for maximum brightness, small for easy portability, and has an efficient dual power supply system. Use Amaran 528 to get the same professional lighting seen on TV and Hollywood.


  1. Digital brightness display
  2. Brightness wheel
  3. Charges batteries when powered by AC
  4. Double power supply system
  5. Battery power indicator


  1. High color rendering LEDs (Ra>85)
  2. Long lifespan and steady light
  3. PWM technology for low power consumption
  4. High efficiency, energy saving bulbs
  5. Efficient heat dissipation


    1. Slim design (like an iPad)
    2. Universal lamp bracket
    3. White diffusing filter and orange warming filter (3200K)
    4. Light for handheld use
    5. Carrying case included

Product Video

Product Pictures

正面1 026-17 2 copy 026-16 026-13 电量查询 026-18 背面图 026-19

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