Introducing our new comment system (DISQUS)

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After 3 years of running the blog, we’ve decided to get with the times and install DISQUS for a better commenting experience. We also encourage you to register with Disqus.

You have a central dashboard to manage all comments, and since many sites around the net use Disqus, you’ll be able to see all of your comments from multiple sites under one hood. Big photography sites that use Disqus include fstoppers, and mega-sites such as CNN, Mashable, etc. It’s a no brainer to register.

Advantages of Disqus:

  • Sign in with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Manage comments/replies from one central hub
  • Threaded replies for easier understanding
  • Attach images/videos to your comments
  • Up and downvoting!

Just take a look at how much more beautiful the commenting system is now :)


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