Introducing the Aputure AT ALL COSTS Video Contest

Aputure is holding it’s 3rd Gear GiveAway Video Contest of the year. This time the prizes are bigger than ever before and the challenge is right up every filmmaker’s avenue so keep reading below and be sure to download and read the three documents on the bottom!



Aputure knows that the life of any artist, whether it be that of a filmmaker or photographer or musician, is difficult. It’s the pursuit of passion over reason. It’s choosing the see the world with beauty and an infinite curiosity. It’s having a firm, unwavering belief in something bigger and pursuing it—something more important than just breathing and making it through life. Every artist has their reason to make art at all costs.


What We Want from You

Aputure is asking you to make a video demonstrating and answering the question all artists of all disciplines face each and every day:


What is the reason you have chosen to be an artist? Why must you create at all costs?


Submissions should not only consist of the contestant talking to a camera. Videos should showcase both you OR another passionate individual and the creation of art in a creative, cinematic way. What we really want to see is a unique passion and the story of how it came to be.   Submission Video Length: 2-4 minutes Audience: Global Use: Online   All ages can submit as many submissions as they wish.   Judging will be half by public voting and half by the Aputure team. Only original footage shot by the contestant may be used.

You must also use the Aputure Logo for the first and last three seconds of each video. Here is a link to the logo:


What’s Up to Win

1st Place:

– V-Screen VS-3 Monitor

– Amaran 3-Point Lighting Kit (3x Amaran 528w LED Lights)

– V-Mic D-1 Microphone


2nd Place:

– Amaran 3-Point Lighting Kit (3x Amaran 528w LED Lights)


3rd Place:

– V-Screen VS-1 Monitor

– V-Mic D-1 Microphone 


Important Dates

  • Thursday, August 21st: Video Submission Opens
  • Friday, September 26th at 11:59 PM: Video Submission Ends
  • Saturday, September 27th: Public Voting Opens
  • Sunday, October 5th at 11:59 PM EDT: Public Voting Ends
  • Tuesday, October 7th: Announce Winners. Final winners determined by your last votes.




See our Contest Brief and Rules Here: AtAllCostsBrief

See the Prizes here: PrizesPage

Download and Read the Offical Terms HereAtAllCostsOfficialTerms

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