Introducing V2 Set: V-Rig + V-Wheel + V-MatteBox

Aputure V2 video rig system

Shenzhen, June 21, 2012 – Aputure Photo Tech Co. is pleased to announce V2, a video rig system consisting of V-Rig, V-Wheel, and V-MatteBox.

Available either as a full kit or individually, it will elevate your video-making to another level, giving you control over your shooting stability, focusing control, and light shaping abilities all at once.

Read on for further details about each component of the system…

Aputure V-Rig


Aputure V-Rig fits most DSLRs and camcorders, is designed for comfort and stability, and is made from strong and steady material.  A wide range of accessories are compatible with V-Rig, so you can add and adapt along the way for more professional results.

Main Features

  • Designed for steady, precise shooting
  • Good ergonomics for comfortable operation
  • Fits DSLRs and camcorders with 1/4″ screw mount
  • Tripod mountable
  • Uses industry-standard 15mm rods (60mm pitch-row)
  • Strong, durable construction
  • Compatible with Vivo movie solution

Aputure V-Wheel


Aputure V-Wheel is designed for focusing lenses on DSLRs and camcorders. It features an outstanding dampening design, flexible mounting and operation, uses industry standard rods, and fits a wide range of lenses. Use V-Wheel to achieve ultimate focus precision.

Main Features

  • Precise focus control
  • Professional handling
  • Outstanding dampening design
  • Gear drive front/back mountable to fit various lenses
  • Controller left/right mountable to suit your needs
  • Fits lens from 52mm to 86mm
  • Uses industry-standard 15mm rods (60mm pitch-row)
  • Easy to mount

Aputure V-MatteBox


Aputure V-MatteBox creatively and flexibly change light shaping, good at blocking light. And more simple and elegent design, industry-standard, barn doors removable for easy portability, height adjustable to fit various sizes of cameras.

Main Features

  • Removable barn doors for easy portability
  • Adjustable height to fit different sizes of the camera
  • Fits lenses from 43mm to 77mm
  • Using industry-standard 15mm rods (60mm pitch-row)
  • Simple and elegant design

V2 all in one V-Wheel-2 V-Wheel-4 Aputure V-Wheel V-Wheel-10 Aputure V-Rig V2-4 V2-6 V2-8 V2-10 V2-12 V2-14 V-MatteBox-2 Aputure V-MatteBox V-MatteBox-6








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