Introducing Vivo Movie Solution

This is the first part in a 3 part series detailing our new product lines.

Vivo Movie Solution is a line of products intended to help you make the best movies possible. DSLR video shooting is all the rage these days, and these products are made just for that purpose. The line includes 8 different products. Let’s take a look and what they can do…

Need to pull focus manually? Try V-Control.

This USB Focus Controller is the flagship product of the line. If pulling manual focus is your thing, this unit gives you all kinds of options. See the reviews here.

Need to a good LED light? Try Amaran.

This LED video light comes in several varieties and sizes. Whether you need color temp control, beam angle control, stacking light capabilities, or just a larger light source, there’s an Amaran for you.

Need a good video rig? Try V-Rig.

It’s the ultimate DSLR video rig, with multiple configuration possibilities to fit your shooting style. And it’s strong as steel too. It includes V-Wheel for manual focus pulling, and V-Mattebox to shape your light.

Need a remote trigger for video? Try V-Remote.

Free your hand from the camera, and trigger not only video, but also photos, at will, at your placing of choice. All you need is an IR sensor enabled camera.

Need a simple video rig? Try MagicRig.

Here’s a simpler, one-handed shooting solution if V-Rig proves too cumbersome. It’s made of the same strong materials, and accomodates any DSLR out there.

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