July Photo of the Month: Urbanity

We have come full circle, completing an entire year of monthly photo prizes, and now we begin anew. This month’s winner was almost a repeat from last month, but in the end, David Kerny edged out Alberto Rojas for the top spot. David has been uploading plenty of creative Strobist shots to our Flickr group lately, and it’s nice to see him take home the prize this month. Among the reasons cited by A-Team members for choosing this month’s photo, they said it was “thoughtful, creative, and striking”, among other things. David will take home a set of our latest Trigmaster 2.4G flash triggers. Keep the great shots pouring into the group!

1st place

Urbanity © David Kerny

From David on the making of the image:

“The photo was shot at Strahov hill, Prague, Czech Republic very early in the morning. Building in the back is the vent for tunnel and huge atomic bomb shelter under the hill. I was using the 15mm lens and four flashes (one in the front/left – as the lamp stays, two in behind the guy and one to enlight the building)”

“The front/left flash was a Trigmastered Canon 580EX (1/2 power), two Metz 45s (1/8 power) in the back were lit by optical triggers and one old Exakta 25 (full power) to light the building in the back – was lit by optical trigger with cable, because it was too far.”

2nd place

The roof is on fire © Alberto Rojas

3rd place

Any Day Now © zPrime

Honorable Mentions

Rachael © Stewart Hazell

Sloshed!!! © Ronit Dalvi

Tiffany © Michael Paul

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