June Photo of the Month – Family

I had a hunch that the winning photo might win this month – and sure enough it did, despite close competition from several newcomers.

I’m beginning to get a sense for the Aputure Team’s voting tendencies – soft, warm, simple sentimental moments. So take note all of you adding photos to our Flickr group!

Congrats to Bhaskar Dutta for taking home the prize with his winning photo- Family. He’ll take home a brand new pair of Trigmaster IIs.

Click through for larger sizes, and browse through their Flickr streams for more great photos…

1st Place

Family © Bhaskar Dutta

From Bhaskar regarding his winning shot:

“This shot was taken at my home one sunday morning. Me and my wife were playing with our baby and I felt that I should keep the moments captured in my camera. I placed my camera onto a tripod and set it on remote. As the morning light was on the window curtain behind us, we were captured as silhouette.

I did minor editing on the photos limited to color correction and cropping. I was using a battery grip BP-D5000 from Aputure during the shot.”

2nd Place

Dough © Maria Kanevskaya

3rd Place

Sunset Water Drop © Joe Dyer

Honorable Mentions

Gianinni Semedo Moreira © Mario Castillion

© Patrick Krupa

Cretaceous © Latensifier



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