June Photo of the Month: Floridian Summer Sunset

The winning image this month ushers in summer appropriately (which technically started on June 21st). Shot in sunny Miami Florida by Alberto Rojas, it captures a beautiful scene of father and daughter playing in the water at sunset. He’s been pouring tons of great photos into our Flickr group lately; it was hard to pick one to enter into the contest. Looks like we chose the right one! Aputure team members cited the soft warm colors, the sense of family connection, and the gesture of pointing towards the sun (which means hope for the future in China). Congrats, Alberto! He’ll take home some free Trigmasters. Click through each picture to see it larger and check out more from the contestant streams.

1st Place

Sophi y kaos keybiscaine © Alberto Rojas

2nd Place

Urbanity © David Kerny

3rd Place

Nettle Weevil © Craig Taylor

Honorable Mentions

Vanishing Point © Rui Neto - NSTYLE

ain't too small to dream big © DaedaLusT

Stargazer © Steve Selby

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