Lily: Your Personal Drone

Lily: Your Personal Drone

Take a look over here. Selfie has gone to a whole other level with The Lily Camera. Boasting slow motion specs and high quality resolution, The Lily Camera is ready to be your type of camera. Mostly aimed at sport enthusiasts, the introductory video to this new type of drone shows impressive footage of Lily following snowboarders down some awesome slopes and white water rafters taking on some tricky courses. Check out the intro video below:



Impressive right? Lily puts a whole new meaning to the rise of drone technology currently at the forefront of film and media. Let’s not forget that many of those remarkable wide establishing shots in Wolf of Wall Street were achieved by the use of drone technology. Alas, drones have also been in some hot water due to the lack of federal regulation governing this type of technology. The Game of Thrones set banned any type of “spy craft” to fly over the set by issuing a “no-fly zone” at their principal location in Northern Ireland.

Never fear, HBO. The Lily Camera is controlled by a tracking device that can easily be attached to the body by the waterproof wrist case provided. Therefore, Lily would have to trespass with her companion/leader to make an appearance on set. This tracking device allows the Lily camera to track or lead the subject within 5 to 100 ft. and soar above the head from 5 to 50 ft.. Lily weighs in at just 2.8 lbs. and boasts the ability to travel at a maximum speed of 25 mph. For more stats, head over to Lily – Tech Specs.

The company has already started taking pre-orders, with a price tag of $499 + shipping. Not bad. But is the company ready to handle technical difficulties once the product is launched? The Guardian’s Science and Technology department decided to take it out for a spin at Central Park.


The Lily Camera is definitely an impressive piece of technology, sleekly designed to travel easily and follow you on your next adventure. Do you think the world is ready for this? Moreover, is Lily ready to satisfy costumers? We can’t deny this new technology opens up a whole new area for action sports and more. Let’s see if Lily and the technicians behind this new camera drone deliver on their vision.


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