Macro photography with Aputure tube

More and more photographers are attracted by Macro photography. They are very curious how to choose a nice tool to help them to finish their dream work. Luckily, we have gathered some reviews of  macro extension tube. The final images will tell u the results.

By Mark Johnson

I have been using tubes for a few years in my macro work so was interested to see how they compare. When they arrived I was straight in the box and pleased to see they came with a draw string pouch to keep dust away. The tubes themselves felt solid and a nice tight fit when attached to the camera. Af nice and smooth and metering worked well and overall a really good piece of equipment to have in your kit.


After using these for a couple of weeks they are my preferred set now and use them whenever tubes are required. Below are some shots to show the magnification increase you can get, for the shots I used the Nikkor 50mm 1.8G so the images are more relevant to people thinking of starting macro and what can be achieved with lenses already owned without having to spend hundreds on dedicated macro lenses.

50mm 1.8G + 12mm tube 50mm 1.8G + 20mm tube 50mm 1.8G + 36mm tube 50mm 1.8G + complete set of tubes 68mm

By Adolf Abi-aad

marco world with ac-mn

As you can see, the magnification and the image quality are excellent for such a small investment.

The AF works well with the 12mm and 20mm tubes.  It also works with the 36 mm tube but it took a lot of time to focus due to the extremely small distance from the object. I recommend using manual focus when you are using a combination that exceeds 32 mm of tubes.


Aputure tubes showed great compatibility with my 50mm lens and with my Kenko tubes. They fit perfectly on the camera and the lens. The mechanism feels very solid. I actually believe that Aputure has made an excellent product and would recommend it to anyone who’s considering investing in some cheap macro photography gear.

The all macro photos are taken with Aputure extension tubes on an outdoor photo shoot.

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Aputure vs Kenko

On dpreview by Kaos photography

Aputure – the changing mechanism on each ring is activated by a piece of speckle metal protruding.  from each ring. It frankly looks inferior to the Kenko, but in reality works just as well. The mechanism for attaching the rings works far better as well as there is an almost imperceptible grinding, like the pieces were meant to fit together and didn’t need to be forced.  Further when one shakes the Apurture rings, you do get some sounds from the interior, but far less so than the Kenko.

Kenko – I liked the look of the Kenko better, better designed for looks.. but that’s the most positive thing I can say about it. Kenko uses a smooth plastic button on each ring to activate the release mechanism.

There’s a feeling the parts are grinding against each other when you move them. This does not inspire confidence. Then, while holding the rings in my hand, I shook them a little bit and could hear many loosely fitting parts clinking and clanging away in there. That was not a good feeling of security as well

Conclusion – For my money the Aputure inspires greater confidence that it will last far longer, with fewer problems than the Kenko macro extender rings. Assuming they are comparable priced, my choice is clearly the Aputure brand…


Aputure tubes vs other macro tools

By Warren Lennon

That is where macro extension tubes are attractive as they cost a lot less and you can use existing lenses in your kit bag. There are two options when it comes to macro extension tubes. The cheapest is fully manual tubes and they cost anywhere from $5-20 (on eBay). They are usually fully constructed of plastic. They do not allow aperture to be changed on the fly or AF to be used, which adds an extra complication when you are trying to nail that one shot, even if you are using a fully manual lens with an aperture ring. In my opinion, you are going to end up spending more time fiddling with settings and inevitably miss the shot.

Finally let us watch a video to shoot outside……

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