Macro photography with the Aputure Ring Light with CRI95+

More and more photographers are getting interested in Macro photography, but don’t know where to start. They’re curious about what settings to use, how to angle their photos and  how to choose the best tool in recreating their vision. To help answer these questions, we’ve gathered the most recent reviews of  Halo ring light with CRI95+. See the results for yourself. You be the judge.


Aputure, the team that brought you other innovative products such as the Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder, have recently released a new ring flash/light for Canon and Nikon photographers: the Amaran Halo AHL-H100.Flash-Macro-Aputure-AHL-HC100-600x397

By Rob Nunn

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI is a measure of the ability of any light source to be able to faithfully reproduce colours within various subjects or objects compared to an ideal source of light such as standard daylight. The CRI scale is from 0 to 100 and, the higher the number, the better the color rendering ability. The Amaran Halo has a CRI of 95+. It’s an accurate representation of any shade with a color temperature of 5500k + 200k.

If your project requires highly-accurate color representation, then this light fits the bill. Shoot exactly what you want. No compromising.




Go wide angle and the ring flash becomes visible…could be good for fun shots!



By Nick Stubbs

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