Magnum Speedlite Flash – Review Roundup

The review for our new Magnum flash guns are starting to pour in. Take a look at a few here. We’ll add more as time goes on…

Lighting-Essentials Review

From the review:

“I usually do not use TTL when shooting, but I felt I should test it out on my camera for this review. Flawless. As a matter of fact, I was having a blast with on-camera TTL shooting stuff – and buds – all over the studio. And the interface is so simple, you will most likely not need the manual. (Now that is a far cry from many of the strobes out there with 2″ manuals and more settings than I would ever need.) For my shooting, I want simple and direct. Magnums deliver that.” Read more…

The “Magnum” line of speedlights from Aputure sure impressed the heck out of me. The absolute simplicity of the operation is superb.


Lighting Rumours Review

From the review:

“Straight out of the rather stylish box and its lush velvety case, the Magnum speedlight has a nice solid feel. Not a “I couldn’t fit this in my camera bag so I’ll kick it along the street and it’ll be fine” level of reassurance (c.f. Nokia phones), but good enough to withstand the odd knock. Squeeze it tight and it doesn’t creak. Swivel the head and it clicks resolutely. The battery door is probably the weakest link, but even that seems OK (though the polarity could be labelled more clearly).” Read more

Magnum Speedlites © Lighting Rumours

RAW Review by Tristan Jud

From the review:

“…with an aversion to help manuals or instructions I popped in some batteries and pretty much had it all worked out in a couple of minutes. I think this is one of the best bits about this speedlite, the UI is simple enough, so you can get straight into it… If you’re getting into the event photography sector, even weddings a TTL flash is a definite must have, and I’m more than happy to recommend the Aputure 68TL.”

Magnum 68TL © Tristan Jud | RAW

Shenzhen Photos Review

From the review:

“Usually I shoot with a Canon 430EX Speedlite. I’ve used it for many years. Without any prior experience, I was able to use the Aputure Magnum 68. Everything is clearly labeled. One thing I like about it over the Canon are the buttons for adjusting flash power. They are bigger and much easier to press. That’s always been an annoyance on the Canon. So my experience with the unit was overall good.”

Magnum in the field © Jesse Warren | Shenzhen Photos

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